IMG_4041 2Welcome to my site!

Creating art to glorify God has been my life’s work.  What writers say in words I say visually with fiber.  Art quilting is my way of seeking and studying truths of life.  My quilts are not nostalgic or sentimental. They are serious narratives which parallel the painful struggle of a paradigm shift in my journey to find purpose and faith.

 Art quilting is my way of seeking and studying truths found in the Bible and requires the same deep investigation and analysis needed in other media forms. An enormous amount of time is spent on historical background research.  Sewing is my personal form of worship.

One series of quilts is based on the book of Daniel.  The theme of God rescuing in time of trouble resurfaces again and again. As I examine the life and prophecies of Daniel, I begin to understand insight into my own life experiences being worked out in fiber. This work includes hidden messages, an edgy color palette, and patterns of found objects.

A second series is from Revelation 22:2, “…and the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.”  This series relies on local color and images of trees, leaves, and mountains.  There is a quiet calm around most of these quilts with occasional fiesta-colors on selected quilts.